I put a sewing machine on layaway ~

After a lot of brain-storming with my friend APRIL, I visited three local quilt/sewing stores, in Reno, over the last few days. My last two machines have been Janomes and I really loved them…but thought about a Baby Lock and a Necchi.

The first quilt shop I stopped off at sort of pissed me off. I went in asking to see her line of Baby Locks, specifically the Melody.

Baby Lock Melody - Quilting Sewing Machine

Baby Lock Melody – Quilting Sewing Machine

When I asked how much, and received an $1,800 answer, I about spewed. I paled and may have let slipped that I can buy a Janome 6500 for that price and have enough left-over for another sewing machine. Or as April stated…LOTS OF FABRIC. I don’t think she was impressed that I wanted to stay under $1,000. Told me to go look at the other machines on my list and come back to her afterwards. Wouldn’t even let me test drive the machine.


The next day I went to the second quilt/sewing center and had a very pleasant hour or so test driving four machines. She spent time asking what level I was at, what I wanted to do with my machine, and how much I was comfortable to spend.

I really was impressed with the Baby lock Melody…nice stitches, easy to use, very very quiet motor. It was $300 cheaper than the first shop and she would knock off even $200 more on top of that.

Next we moved onto the Pfaff Ambition 1.0.

Pfaff Ambition 1.0

Pfaff Ambition 1.0

All I can say is WOW…those Germans sure are great engineers! Just WOW! LOL! $999 was the price she would give me on that machine. No auto thread cutter, and it scared the crap out of me on the first stitch (growled)…I thought I broke it, but very very very nice handling. Loved the stitches on that one too. It has a built-in walking foot that is to die for!

Scooted down a few machines to the Pfaff Expression 3.0 after I told her my goal is to be pretty dang good at FMQ’ing. The asking price was $2079 but would come down to $1,699, with 25% down and 4 months to pay it off.

Pfaff Expression 3.0

Pfaff Expression 3.0

I sighed when sewing with it. I actually FMQ’ed…AND IT LOOKED GREAT! But I knew full well I couldn’t afford that fine piece of German machinery, even with the discount and layaway plan. I would need more time than 4 months. I still asked for the quote and told her I’d get back to her by the 2/29 deadline. If I had the money, I would buy that machine in a heart beat…should I ever fall into money, after paying off all debt…that baby is coming home with me. 🙂


Onto my last stop where I wanted to test drive the Janome 3160 QDC, Necchi EX30, and the Brother NX-800. I was eyeing the Janome 3160 as it’s a popular quilting machine.

Janome 3160-QDC

Janome 3160-QDC

The Janome had a $1000 price tag on it, but with new pricing I think it was $200 off. I wanted to try the Necchi EX30 as it’s the same machine as the Janome 3160 (built by Janome with a Necchi body and name) and at $700 it’s less money. And let’s face it…I love the buttons. LOL!

Necchi EX30

Necchi EX30

April suggested looking at the Laura Ashley Brother machine…so I googled and came up with the NX-800, but she meant the NX-2000 (another machine that I can’t afford). When I saw the Brother NX-800 I did a double take as it was the EXACT SAME MACHINE as the Baby Lock Melody! EXACTLY! I was told at the shop that Brother makes the Baby Lock, just as Janome makes Elna and now Necchi.

Brother Laura Ashley Innov-is NX-800

Brother Laura Ashley Innov-is NX-800

The Necchi was a great machine. Easy to use, good basic 30 stitches, light weight…would make a great machine to haul to classes (12 pounds), and stayed put when sewing.

Ultimately I picked the Brother NX-800. While I love everything about Janome…I enjoyed sewing with the NX-800. Nice stitches, quiet, you can do lateral stitching, auto-thread cutter, ease of bobbin winding, great accessories. If I had the money I would have gone with the Pfaff, I like the large quilting throat.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 7.01.01 AM

Can’t wait to pay off my layaway bill and bring her home.

So…Ummmm…there I was at Windy Moon Quilts

And…ahhh…I was in the back of the shop trying to find the Janome 1600P machine so I could ask a question on how to thread it (it was a Christmas gift that my in-laws picked out for me…bless my BIL’s heart, he tried his best!) and, well…instead, I saw my dearly beloved MC6500P, RIP, while petting and tearing up over it…a very coooool looking Janome, called the Threadbanger TB30, a flashy piece of machinery with a big ole star slapped onto it was trying to get my attention.

I found out that Windy Moon Quilts did not carry the 1600P so I couldn’t ask to test drive it and figure out how it worked. While being comforted by two of the ladies about my MC6500P, the Threadbanger kept jumping up at me like Horseshack on Welcome Back, Kotter. I snuck a peek at the price tag….$629….and told it to “stop flagging me down, you’re too expensive for me right now.”

“Ooh-ooh-ooooh! Buuut wait! See my star?! I’m on SALE! 40% OFF!”

Goodness gracious! You should have seen my VISA card, the one that I have way back behind other cards so I don’t use it very often, fly out of it’s hiding place and swish itself through the quilt shop’s credit card swiping machine! I’ve never seen it fly so fast before! The next thing I saw was that flashy Threadbanger running out the door with my car keys and had itself inside and safely buckled in before I knew what was happening.

So…does anyone want to buy a brand new Janome 1600P for $500????