Wednesday Ramblings ~ 17 June 2009 ~ Sparks, Nevada

Just a Smörgåsbord of things today…lots of different pictures of things I took over the weekend.

Let’s start with Lucy-Goosey ~ she is much better, less stressed out, kennel cold over with. She’s a funny, funny, funny kitty. Eats like a horse. Me thinks we’ll have to start rationing out her food!

Leo is a bit blury…he was licking her face.

Hurry up and take my picture…

The Lemon Queen Sunflowers ~ these are part of the Great Sunflower Bee Project. This picture was taken over the weekend, they are over the top of the fence now, taller than me…I’m 5’4″ (no short jokes, please! 😛 )

A close-up of a soon-to-be sunflower.

The Chamomile is blooming…

The Blueberries are still green…

I’ve tomatoes bigger than the plant…had to string the plant up to support the buggers. These are the Siberian Red Heirloom tomatoes that I bought at the UNCE Master Gardener Plant sale in May. My other tomato plants are starting to bloom.

june14 034

This is Piggy…our neighbor’s cat that we are feeding for the summer while he’s away on a drill rig in Eastern Nevada. He’s a pretty cool cat…gives one hellacious head-butt.

My yellow onions are growing much faster than the red ones…

We got this cool dude at Goodwill…someone had welded him out of steel. Sorta has a Southwestern Predator look going for him. LOL! Soon he’ll be taking on all of the sunflowers growing around him.

Tomatoes in Northern Nevada

While at the UNCE Master Gardener Plant Sale I bought 5 heirloom tomato plants. After listening to Rachael (a master gardener) I decided to pick up a Siberian Red (2), Silver Fir Tree (1) and a Brandywine (2). The Brandywine was my choice as I really love their flavor.

I picked two Russian Heirloom tomatos to try…as most of you who have been living here in Northen Nevada for any length of time know, you just don’t know what the heck our weather will be from one day to the next.

Siberian Red Heirloom Tomato~

An open pollinated tomato from Russia that sets fruit in cool weather, it’s an excellent plant if you have short, cool summers or to plant first thing in spring (think Nevada springs!) as this plant will set fruit at temperatures as low as 38F and will continue to set fruit in early fall! This is a very early ripening tomato that performs very well with heavy yields and excellent flavor. The Siberian Red is semi-determinate and produces round, brilliant red, juicy fruits that weigh between 3 and 5 oz. The tomatoes have a slight flattening at the top. It takes approximately 65-75 days from the time of transplant to mature tomatoes, although it’s been known to produce mature tomatoes in under 50 days in mild climates.

And guess what!!!!???! I’VE ‘MATERS GROWING ALREADY! Hee! I planted one Siberian Red in a Topsey-Turvy and the other in the 18″x18″ above ground box…and they’re both blooming and setting!

Siberian Red Heirloom Tomato in topsey-turvy 5/25/09

Siberian Red Heirloom Tomato 5/25/09

Red Siberian Heirloom Tomato in planter 5/25/09

Red Siberian Heirloom Tomato in planter 5/25/09

Silver(y) Fir Tree Heirloom Tomato ~

An heirloom from Russia with distinctive silvery fern-like foliage and round red fruit that are very decorative and great for containers and hanging baskets. They are compact 24″ tall plants that may need to be staked. An early determinate that has 3″ to 3-1/2″ fruit that are round and slightly flattened with a classic tomato flavor. They mature around 58 days from transplant.

Brandywine Heirloom Tomato ~

This indeterminate tomato is an Amish heirloom that dates back to 1885. It has a large,thin-skinned, reddish-pink beefsteak-type fruit that is rich in flavor and can weith up to 1 pound. It must be staked or caged and will grow until the autumn frost.

NOTE: I had a comment that asked about how to dry tomato seeds, and since it sorta looked like a spam I’m going to answer it here. HERE is a great link on how to save tomato seeds for next years garden.