It’s Friday…I’m Sick

Truly…I’m sick, not just because of my pinwheel quilt, no…with a very sore throat, snot in the nose, snot running down my throat, ear ache, and a cough in my chest. 😦

Before bed last night I pulled out my ‘Orange’ (Cluck.Cluck.Sew’s pattern) quilt pieces and started in on piecing the blocks.

It makes me happy working with orange…mainly because I was thinking that in two more months it will be OPENING DAY for the San Francisco Giants!

Didn’t sleep all that well, starting to be sick and all. Was up at 1:35 am with a coughing fit so I went into the other room and took down the pinwheel quilt.

It’s actually not as hard as I thought it would be…seems the tension was a tad off! LOL! The bobbin thread was just laying there on the backside.

Still have the Creeping Crud….

Still loaded with snot and have a bronchial cough, but I dragged myself to work today. My office doesn’t have a high traffic flow, so I won’t pass it onto anyone…Drats!

Monday and Tuesday have been dreary days here in Northern Nevada. Drizzling rain, snow, sleet, ice, more rain, more snow…grey. I’m tired of the grey. Guess it was good days to be sick.

I did get something accomplished though…I cleaned up my sewing room! Unpacked most of the boxes and made room to get out my ironing board and cutting table. I even unpacked my new Janome 1600P sewing machine that my inlaws gave me for Christmas…but it baffled the hell out of me trying to thread the bugger. I still can’t get the bobbin to work. Waaaaay different than what my Janome 6500P was! I miss that machine sooooooo much. So I took out my little Janome half-pint and sewed on it yesterday.

I made a baby quilt top…I used a cheater panel…it’s just so cute, had to use it. I think the baby will be able to use it into his toddler days. LOL!

Here are the fabrics I used…the panel is from RJR Fabrics ~ Everything but the Kitchen Sink (1930’s prints featuring Overall Bill).

Here is the top…I will bind the quilt with the dark blue material.