Balcony Container Gardening ~ Sparks, Nevada

My garden space this year has diminished quite drastically…I have to utilize my balcony. Luckily it’s positioned for optimum sunshine!

I decided to limit myself to herbs, tomatoes, leafy greens, and probably a chile pepper of some sort. We have pretty good farmers markets around the Reno/Sparks area so I’ll supplement my kitchen herbs with the local farmer’s goodies.

I got these nifty containers, from Lowes, that sit on top of the balcony rails…the rest of the containers are made up of old flower pots I’ve found and some of my enameled cooking pots.


So far I have planted chives, sweet basil, Greek oregano, Italian flat-leafed parsley (hate the curly stuff), lemon thyme, rosemary, orange mint, two different lavenders, summer savory, cilantro, red Russian Kale, German chamomile, and arugula.

Still need dill, either a jalapeño, serrano or New Mexican green chile, I’m thinking two heirloom tomatoes, garlic…and some radish seeds.






Kitchen Garden Planner from Gardener’s Supply Company ~ Small Space Gardening

The Gardener’s Supply Company’s online site emailed me this VERY NIFTY interactive KITCHEN GARDEN PLANNER ~ included are the following:

The Tomato Sauce & Salsa Garden

The All American Garden

The Cook's Choice Garden

The High Yield Garden

The Plant It and Leave It Garden

And The Salad Bar Garden

All of these gardens are planned for a 3×6 garden ~ 18 SF of space! You can print out the planting map with information of each of the crops that go with each garden theme.

You can also DESIGN YOUR OWN GARDEN! The grid represents a 3’x6’ raised bed garden with each square equal to 1 sq. ft. When you place a vegetable in the map you’ll see how many plants can be grown in that space.

Step By Step Planting & Care Guide

I have a 6×6 raised garden bed that I think I’ll use the planner for…am especially eyeing the Salsa garden! 🙂