Virginia City, Nevada…A Town that Loves a Parade

When we found out that Virginia City was going to be 10F cooler than Sparks on Monday, Labor Day, we packed up our lunch and headed on up. It was a glorious 62F day…cool, breezy and sunny. I took lots of pictures…mostly pointing up as I love Virginia City’s buildings.

Not only did they have a replica of the Confederate submarine, the CSS Hunley, they were holding a parade. I knew of the St. Patrick’s, Veteran’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial, Outhouse, Halloween, Pet, 4th of July, day parades…and I’ll even bet that they have a parade for the International Camel Races (which by the way are this coming weekend…49th year), but I did not know that they had a Labor Day Parade. VC definitely is a town that loves their parades.

Anyhoo…parade was short and sweet. Could have done without the one woman, won’t call her a lady, with leather brown wrinkly skin wearing a g-string, boots, hat and long coat ~ mooning everyone and yelling ~ “you want this”….yeah right. Hopefully she was either drunk or on drugs as I would hate it if she is always like that. And why one earth would they let her in the parade to begin with?

They had a Confederate & Union Civil War gun battle reinactment…at first I thought they had canons, but it just their guns. Loud! They did a great job…would not like to have had to fight that way in a battle. Get ready…I’ve lots of pictures for this part. 🙂

After walking around a bit and me taking pictures above my head, we headed on down to Miner’s Park and ate our lunch, played a game of cribbage and threw the frisbee. Ran into that woman there…she plopped down next to where a dad and his son were throwing their frisbee and embarrassed the heck out the kid…luckily she only stayed about 10 minutes before wandering off with her Rottie (which was cool dog).

It was a beautiful day. Couldn’t have asked for better weather. I’m so looking forward to the fall.

Here are pictures of St. Mary’s, the First Presbyterian Church, Volunteer Fire Department, and old buildings around town. I was enjoying the day too much to actually go inside any of the shops.

Help Meeeeeeee! Those hand prints were up in a second story window. Love ’em.

Ok…I went inside…they were giving away wee free glasses of beer!