Monday’s Rambles ~ Quilting, Porcelain Collection, and Park Photographs

How’s that for a title…sorry so long.

I’m almost finished with a craft challenge ~ just need to bind the wee quilt. The only thing that was given was four colors ~ Pink, Turquoise, Brown, and Cream.

The fabrics I picked out (what looks to be black is actually a dark brown):

The pattern ~ from Stars by Magic ~ Nancy Johnson-Srebro ~ Block No. 2…I ended up making four 10″ blocks.

Here it is ready for me to finish the binding. I pieced the back together with the leftover fabric…I had just enough! Whew! It’s only 29″x29″ so I think I’ll donate it to Renown neonatal…perfect for a wee lass.

My other entry is a Sundae Pincushion…I had to use Turquoise buttons as I couldn’t figure out where to put blue on a sundae!

Fabric I picked out to make a lap quilt for my niece Hannah, she’s into lime green. 🙂

A VERY, very, VERY SMALL glimpse of my Irish Wade and Belleek collection…I have a lot of both.

Leo’s Whiskers ~

The rest are photographs I took on Saturday’s walk around Rancho San Rafael Park. Canada Goose, Hens & Chicks, Doggies and their owners in the dog section of the park.

Happy Fourth of July!


I’d like to wish every one an early 4th of July! We’re going to head up to Truckee, Ca area…just a little north east of there.

Spent last night working on my Simple Woman Summer Exchange gift…and it’s killing me not to be able to post my work here! ACK! LOL! Gotta be patient and wait until I finish it, send it off, and she opens it before I post here all the pictures.

I received my Sara Melson cd, Dirty Mind, after discovering her on Atlantic Sound Factory ~ I love her voice. Pretty good cd…it’s in my iTune’s now library now, will have to upload it to my ipod soon.

Here are some YouTube videos of Sara ~

Walked out this morning on my way to work when I noticed the sunflower up in the very front has started to bloom. I thought I’d better take a picture…it’s in the same area that someone stole my obsidian rock and figured someone might pluck my sunflower too. Can you see the wee ladybug tucked inside?

Wanted to share a book with you that I’ve had for a while but only just used it this week! Sorta that V-8 commercial with the thump on the head…I should have used this book a long time ago! HOLY MOLY! OMGosh…they’re not kidding about how easy it is to do. I’ve been intimidated by Eight-Point Stars (except for the Friendship and Ohio Stars) for a long time now… STARS BY MAGIC ~ Nancy Johnson-Srebro ~ New Super-Easy Technique! Diamond-Free Stars from Squares and Rectangles! Perfect Points and No Y-Seams!

And now, something to make you drool ~ dinner the other night using fresh mozzarella, cinnamon basil (from the garden), and tomatoes on extra sourdough with garlic infused olive oil … then made a salad with leftover stuffed bbq’d flank-steak.