Panorama Sugar Easter Eggs ~ Ready for Easter & Spring!

My family makes these eggs every once in a while…mom started making them WAY BACK to help pay for family vacations. The last time we made the sugar eggs was back in 2008.


Mom and I made them up over the past week or so. The shells are made of sugar, cream of tartar, and water….molded, scooped, and flipped to dry. The flowers and critters are made from royal frosting. There is NO PLASTIC in these, folks! Just the wrapping we used. 🙂

The larger of the two is almost 5″ in length, we sell those for $15. The smaller of the two is 3″ and they sell for $8.

Roses, wee flowers, daisies, violets, and pansies. Bunnies, swans, and chicks are inside. Some with crosses.

These guys last a long time if kept properly…ie: in a dry place and if you don’t eat them! 🙂 Which by the way, they are totally edible, but come on! Don’t eat them! They’re too pretty!

And BOYS LOVE THESE just as much as girls, folks!

Taking the Plunge!

Well ~ am taking the plunge into the blogwaters…wish me luck! 

 I’m not sure why I started an online journal…maybe because all my friends have one.  I usually post all my pictures up on webshots ~I’m nv_michelle, by the way ~ but thought I like to be able to describe more about them and what was going on at the time.

 Today started out bright and early at Dr. Jane’s office…she had to poke me with lots of little needles as I killed my hand over the weekend making Panoramic Sugar Easter Eggs.  She is “putting a band-aid” on me until I suck it up and go get my carpal tunnel fixed via surgery.  Just had my gall bladder taken out in October and I really don’t want to see the inside of a hospital for a long time.

 As I said above, the reason for the doctor’s visit was due to the opening of the Sugar Egg Factory last Friday.  I took the day off and headed to my Mom’s house to make sugar eggs.  It’s been 4 years since I’ve made them last ~ it has been exactly 4 years since I adopted Leo-Monster, my bengal kitty.  🙂  Dr. Destructo.  (I’ll post pictures of the critters later).

 Friday we made shells for 31 large eggs and 13 small eggs.  Along with flowers, swans, bunnies, chicks, suns, crosses, and fences.  Spent the whole day up to my elbows in sugar and merengue powder!  Sticky, Sticky, Sticky!

Sugar Egg Shells and Flowers drying

Saturday was putting all the critters inside and putting the tops on ~ left early (12:30 pm) as it started to snow big ole wet snowflakes.  Big sigh.  So tired of it snowing down in the valley…it needs to stay up in the mountains for the skiers and our water reservoirs, dang it!

Sunday morning I skipped church and went back to mom’s house to finish up the eggs. 

Soooo…what do you think?  Pretty, eh?!   Selling them for $15/large and $7/small ~ check out my Sleepy Cat Hollow etsy site.

3 Sizes of Sugar Panorama Easter Eggs