It’s Just CRAZY Around Here…

End of the Fiscal Year is 30 June 2009. I’ve lots of new contracts/pafs to generate for everyone and in an hour will have to walk on down to the “Joe” for a Classified Furlough Session. I’m the leave keeper too, so everyone is asking me questions. Have to figure out the answers. It’s sorta hard when most of our department’s classified people are paid from research grants…no state money. Why do they have to take a paycut when they are not costing the state any money. That leaves me, one of the only people paid from state monies…I must be a HUGE DRAIN on the system. I get the paycut. WooHoo! Go Team! (UPDATE: After going to the session yesterday afternoon, I discovered that all Classified will be taking furloughs, no matter what their funding is)

SO! It’s gonna be a picture day. 🙂

I’m growing 3 Tomatillo plants this year…isn’t this a great blossom?! I’ve never seen one before!

june23 001

june23 008

Lemon Queen sunflowers against the fence, 2 Horseradish up front, 2 pickling cucs on the left…the rest are blueberries, elderberries, and herbs.
june23 019

HOLLYHOCKS!!!!!! OH! I CAN NOT WAIT to see them!
june23 038

This is Gabe…my newest gargoyle. He giggles a lot hence the hands over the mouth and crossed legs (don’t want to piddle, you know!).
june23 029

Poppy pod ~ pretty, no?
june23 047

23 July 2008: Garden Update ~ Hemp Necklace ~ Flowers

Was surprised to see so many peppers when I was watering last night. They grew so big in a couple of days! Must be the heat. So…does anyone know when peppers are ripe? Do I have to wait until they turn red? Pick ’em green? I have Sweet Italian, Garden Salsa Mix, Caribbean Habanero, Serranos (those I know I can pick green) and something called a Jimboy.

Here are the Sweet Italians ~

And here are the Garden Salsa Pepper Mix…but to me looks like Serranos ~

Have nice size cucumbers and pumpkins!

Cool sunflower, eh? Looks like a Vincent van Gogh sunflower! This one is towards the back of my yard, so it may survive my stupid neighbors picking it!

Yesterday the power went off in our building so one of the Associate Deans let us loose…went home, collected the husband and hit the thrift stores. Lookie at the necklaces that I found at St. Vincent’s and Salvation Army. They will be taken apart so I can use the beads in other projects. Although my niece may like the purple one with the shell.

Tried my hand at making a necklace with 20-lb hemp cord…my husband knows I really really really want the beads in the necklace I made him a while back. So he asked for me to make him a hemp necklace that I could hang the silver pendant of his from. I started with a regular braid then switched to an Atlernating Half Stitch, then back to a braid. I’m getting the hang of it…took me two hours (was watching Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Game Show while making it). Pictures below show the alternating half stitch part. In this first picture you can see the beaded necklace in the upper left with the silver pendant.

And here is a parting shot of the coneflowers in the front of my house this morning. Toodle-loo!

Birds, Blue Sky and Bum Neighbors

We’ve been waking up to a Northern Mockingbird since Friday. I remember having one last year…it’s back. It’s perched up in the tree across the street. I’ve been sleeping downstairs in the back room where it’s a lot cooler and I can hear that bugger over the ceiling fan. 🙂 Luckily I love listening to him…or her. Here are some pics that I pulled off the internet ~

We had a flash flood thunder storm pass over yesterday afternoon ~ and woke up to THIS!!!!! BLUE SKY! THE FIRST IN OVER A MONTH! Wow…I remember that sky. The sky we normally have. The sky we would have if California would stop burning to the ground. Take a good look because it will probably be gone right soon.

Remember this lovely sunflower that I posted about not too long ago? The one right up front? The sunflower that I said I had better get a picture of because it was near where someone STOLE my obsidian rock? Well…Friday morning while out front waiting for my sister to pick me up for Monterey…I noticed the yellow was gone from that corner. Some jackarse stole my sunflower! Broke it right off the top…all that is left is the stock which is fence high. I’m leaving it there for everyone who passes by to look at. I’m starting to think about ways of electrifying the fence. Or set up motion activated pepper spray misters around the yard. Why can’t people just take a picture of something they think is pretty, like I do??!! Why do they insist on taking other peoples property? I don’t go stealing things out of your yards? Why can’t I expect the same consideration from you?!

My Simple Woman Summer Swap partner, Becky, received her gift in the mail…will wait for her to post a picture first and then I’ll post pictures of the making of it later. I had fun with it, can’t wait to see what I get! 🙂

Parting shots of my niece and nephew at Monterey over the weekend…

Happy Fourth of July!


I’d like to wish every one an early 4th of July! We’re going to head up to Truckee, Ca area…just a little north east of there.

Spent last night working on my Simple Woman Summer Exchange gift…and it’s killing me not to be able to post my work here! ACK! LOL! Gotta be patient and wait until I finish it, send it off, and she opens it before I post here all the pictures.

I received my Sara Melson cd, Dirty Mind, after discovering her on Atlantic Sound Factory ~ I love her voice. Pretty good cd…it’s in my iTune’s now library now, will have to upload it to my ipod soon.

Here are some YouTube videos of Sara ~

Walked out this morning on my way to work when I noticed the sunflower up in the very front has started to bloom. I thought I’d better take a picture…it’s in the same area that someone stole my obsidian rock and figured someone might pluck my sunflower too. Can you see the wee ladybug tucked inside?

Wanted to share a book with you that I’ve had for a while but only just used it this week! Sorta that V-8 commercial with the thump on the head…I should have used this book a long time ago! HOLY MOLY! OMGosh…they’re not kidding about how easy it is to do. I’ve been intimidated by Eight-Point Stars (except for the Friendship and Ohio Stars) for a long time now… STARS BY MAGIC ~ Nancy Johnson-Srebro ~ New Super-Easy Technique! Diamond-Free Stars from Squares and Rectangles! Perfect Points and No Y-Seams!

And now, something to make you drool ~ dinner the other night using fresh mozzarella, cinnamon basil (from the garden), and tomatoes on extra sourdough with garlic infused olive oil … then made a salad with leftover stuffed bbq’d flank-steak.

Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe & UFO’s

I’m actually a Thursday’s Child ~ but it’s not Thursday here in Nevada at the moment.

Thursday’s child has far to go.
You have many ideas, and you want to do them all.  
You will go far in life!

Over in the Crafters’ Cafe Kiwi was talking about all the UFOs she is finishing up ~ and no, not the Area 51 type ~ but the Unfinished Object UFO’s.  

So last night after ruining my copper wire thingy…hammered it too thin and broke it in many pieces…I pulled out a cross-stitch project I’ve been working on for MANY OF YEARS.  Actually…I started it many years ago, then it’s been sitting in a tote for many years thereafter.

Here she is!  It’s the Celtic Christmas by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum sold by Lavender & Lace.  I just have the right-side to finish.  Pulled her out last night and started stitching ~ will work on her before bed every night and hopefully will be done soon.  Then off to frame her.

I also have an Underground Railroad quilt to finish for my husband. I finished the top not too long ago and need to sandwich the puppy together and get it quilted.

Underground Railroad Quilt Top

Hmmm…what else is in my UFO pile? Oh yes!

Dresden Plate quilt blocks ~ still have a bunch to make!

Dresden Plate Quilt BlocksDresden Plate Quilt Blocks fabric

And I have the leaves of a beaded Sunflower finished ~ but no sunflower to put them to!

French Beaded Sunflower

And I have lots of “flowerettes” for a white Hydranga finished…but not enough to make a flower yet. This is what it will look like ~ only white.

French Beaded Hydranga

Hopefully I will get them all finished soon! 😀