Leo, The Devil’s Cabana Boy and Max, Mama’s Bubba-boo

It’s time to meet the boys ~ we have two cats…with totally two differrent personalities. 


We’ve had Max since he was a kitten, picked him out of a litter in Mogul (between Reno and Verdi). His mom was a Ragdoll and his dad was the neighbor’s Russian Blue…they weren’t supposed to get together! But glad they did. Max is 13 years old now. Cranky…hates Leo. Tolerates my husband. Loves me. LOL! He was a perfectly adjusted guy that loved to drown his stuffed dino in the water dish, fetch his dino if we threw him, sleep on your head, and sounded like one of those large percolator coffee pots when he purred. He has long soft grey fur lined with silver…very handsome when combed. He LOVES to have his belly rubbed…will plop down in front of you and roll onto his back begging for a belly rub.

Then I brought home Leo…

We adopted Leo from a lab tech here in the Med School at UNR. I saw the flyer on the bulletin board for a FREE CAT. She said she adopted him from Petsmart one weekend and said he was over a year old. Took him to the vet and we figured he was under a year…still a kitten and still growing. We’ve had him for 6 years now. He’s a lean, mean 15 pounder now and is pretty pissed that Max is Alpha Male. We call him the Devil’s Cabana Boy as he’s part Bengal and part Terror Tabby. Also Snufflelufagus as I’m pretty sure he was hit or kicked in the head when he was little…his right nasal cavity is closed shut. He wakes us up at 3:30 am wanting to be fed. If I don’t get up he’ll start knocking things off the shelves, walls, nibble on you, snuffle in your ear, rouse Max off my head and make him howl. He is a lovey-dovey. Loves to snuggle, likes to get under the covers at night to sleep (bed hog!) and loves water. Begs to get in the shower. Likes to chase a stick. He has the most wonderful soft fur…like a rabbit’s pelt…and it always smells so good!

Leo trying to open (and succeeding!) the fireplace insert at Grandma’s house that we rented before buying our current house ~

Leo being sweet ~ when he’s sleeping! 🙂