Wordless Wednesday ~ 20 August 2014

wild bumble

wild bumble

thistle, boca

thistle, boca

wild roses

wild roses

Day at Verdi’s Crystal Peak Park

Spent Saturday at Crystal Peak Park over in Verdi…a short hop skip and jump from Reno. The park is right on the Truckee River…and was pretty busy. Looked like the fishing was pretty good by the bridge…lots of fishies were being taken away.

Sunday near Frenchman’s & Chilcoot, California ~ Picture Day

Just going to share more pictures of our Sunday drive in Sierra Valley, California. These are taken on the road from Chilcoot up towards Frenchman’s Lake…at the day use (right after the Chilcoot Campground and before the bridge). The two of the ranch/barn was taken just north of Chilcoot.

This was taken in Sierraville ~

So Flippin’ Ready for Spring

Big sigh…

Since my bulbs are only 2″ high at the moment ~ thought I’d post pictures of some of my yard’s flowers from last year.  I can’t wait to get my hands into the soil again!  I was pulling some weeds out around my iris’ and about froze my fingers off ~ the soil was warm for the first inch or so, but VERY COLD after that.  But I noticed the crocus, daffies, lupine, poppies, mums, iris, and tulips were all starting to sprout new growth.

Calfornia Poppies Delphiniums

Columbine Thistle

Wee Sunflower Big Sunflower

Lilacs Peony

Old English Rose Lupine