Pictorial Diary of Memorial Day at Virginia City, Nevada 2013










Furlough Day spent at Virginia City, Nevada

Spent my second furlough day up at VC…we went up on Thursday afternoon and stayed the night at the Silver Queen Hotel on C Street.


My husband received a free night after getting his arm stuck in the wooden floor helping the bartender get her keys that fell down a hole. 🙂 Our room was #14, on the second floor facing C Street. The “front desk” is actually in the bar section of hotel (where the lady with the silver dollar dress is)…then you walk outside take a left and go through the first door.


Going Down!

Going Down!

Up the stairs take a left and you’ll come to a long corridor…

To the right

To the right

To the left

To the left

That’s our room on the left side. You walk in and I swear the ceilings are at least 18 feet high. There are two windows facing the street.


Bed on the north side, old wardrobe on the south wall…and on the west wall we have ~


With this in there too!


No tv, radio, phone…was really nice. It’s an old place (1800’s) so you can hear quite a bit. In room 14 your bed is over that long stairway coming from the street to the second floor. And someone had a dog barking in their room that was towards B Street side.

We had dinner at the Mandarin Garden on C Street. Pretty good food with a great view of Six Mile Canyon.

The Silver Queen’s bartender told us that we could have a discounted Ghost Tour with Bats in the Belfry ~ part of staying at the hotel. I guess they start the tour in the Silver Queen upstairs in room 11 and end up down at the Washoe Club. About 8:30 pm we heard a group of people coming up the stairs…I wanted to go on the tour, but forgot about, so I tipped-toed over to our door to listen. I accidently put my hand on the door and it creaked pretty loudly…heard a yelp and “DID YOU HEAR THAT?” It was very hard not to laugh. We didn’t hear nor see any ghost activity that night. 😦 I still want to go on the tour one of these nights…maybe drag my sister up with me.

We’ve been to VC many times to know that all you can do up there early in the mornings is to walk around. One bar is open that serves coffee…and at 8:30 am the restaurant that is attached to the Delta Saloon opens up for breakfast. So we walked around waiting for 8:30 am to roll around, ate breakfast and then headed on down the hill.

I’ll share the strolling pictures tomorrow or on Monday. 🙂

Busy Busy Busy…Did I say I was BUSY?! ACK!

Have been super busy here at work. Haven’t had time to play on the computer…worked through lunches last week and since I have no online access at home it was hard to post anything.

Besides working from 6:30 am to 4:00 pm with no lunches last week here are few things I did at home.

Made pickles…enough of the homemade pickle cucumbers grew at the same time for me to make 3 qts of pickles. I added garlic and dill from the garden too. My husband has been wanting to open them up from the day I canned them. Told him to wait a couple more days, please!



Had another furlough day on Friday. We had a free stay at the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City coming to us so we stayed Thursday night. A front came down from Canada and cooled us down very NICELY…68 high (down from the high 90’s). Was very nice up there. Have a few pictures…will write more about the place later.



Made some more grocey tote bags yesterday afternoon.


Spider web in one of our cedar trees ~


Moon on Tuesday night ~ we’d just gotten back from looking at the Hot August Nights cars at Victoria Square near our house.