Wild Nevada Blackberries

Saturday, on our way to our favorite spot on the Little Truckee River at Boca, we stopped off at Verdi to see if there were any blackberries still to be picked. The bears and other people picked most, but, YAY! I found enough to make 2.5 pints of juice to make jelly.

To make the juice I plopped the berries into my stainless steel pan, added water to almost the top layer of berries, and simmered until they were starting to pop. I smashed them with a potato masher then ran them through my cone sieve (found at an estate sale long time ago). I added the strained juice with pulp back through the sieve this time using cheese cloth to catch the small pieces.

I’ll be making jelly sometime this week. 🙂




For Today ~ 06 September 2012 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 06 September 2012.

Outside My Window… Big grey clouds and blue sky…it rained all night long. Hopefully soon Balloons! It’s the start of the Great Reno Balloon Race!

Enjoy this absolutely beautiful time lapse video.

I am thinking… This sure has been a bad summer for allergies.

I am thankful for… that the autumn equinox is just around the corner!

From the kitchen… I’m thinking just bbq’d hotdogs and potato salad. Or we’ll use one of our Groupons and go out to eat.

I am wearing… Tan cropped pants and a blue shirt, tennis shoes and my hair in a pony tail.

I am creating… Still making leather wrapped bracelets and some hammered copper bookmarks.

I am going… to have to turn in two craft fair applications.

I am reading… Re-reading The Hobbit…will be ready for the movie this December! 🙂

I am hoping… That we get some afternoon rains…I figured we can have afternoon rains so the balloons can go up in the mornings.

I am hearing… Me crunching on my breakfast…Emerald Breakfast on the Go in S’mores. 🙂

Around the house… Clean bed sheets, now have to vacuum.

One of my favorite things… Brightly colored hot air balloons.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Build up my craft fair supply; label the soap.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

Blackberry picking in NW Nevada…

I finally have enough blackberry juice to make some jelly! YEA! I have 5 cups now. Soon I will be making some Wild Nevada Blackberry jelly!

Blackberry plants are nasty buggers! (((In my best Holy Grail voice))) They have NASTY, BIG, POINTY TEETH! My right arm and both legs are scratched up…berry berry badly.

I think there’s about a month of berry picking in my spot…there’s lots of green berries still.