For Today ~ 26 July 2011 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 26 July 2011.

Outside My Window… I had to replace the two thistle socks outside my window here at work. Some bird (probably the scrub jay) took out the bottom of the socks! Sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Slight rustling of the leaves, so must be somewhat of a breeze. People driving to work.

I am thinking… We Get to Move! We Get to Move! We Get to Move! 🙂

I am thankful for… Friends and family, and health…even if I’m overweight, I’m actually pretty healthy otherwise.

From the kitchen… Last night I made a wrap that included red bell pepper, kalamata olives, red onion, garlic, tomato, feta cheese, mint, lemon and romaine. For a side I made Israeli couscous with lemon, mint, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

I am wearing… cropped pants, brown blouse, tennies.

I am creating… boxes. 🙂 I’m packing.

I am going… go to the house inspection this morning. Maybe get a movie from Redbox after work.

I am reading… Nothing.

I am hoping… That my co-workers chemo, that starts this week, goes well and that she stays strong.

I am hearing… cars outside, someone walking very heavy upstairs…for a new building, this place sucks…you can hear the person above you on the phone, people walking in the hallways.

Around the house… boxes…lots and lots of boxes. We moved most all of the basement upstairs…only thing left down there is the washer/dryer, my grandma’s dresser & mirror, my canning rack and jars, and two river inner tubes.

One of my favorite things… well, I can tell you it’s NOT being woken by your cat when he hooks you in the arse-cheek!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… try to stay cool, continue to pack, go to Friday night’s Reno Aces baseball game (tickets from MIL).

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

From last Saturday’s drive ~ flower along 89 between Truckee and Sierraville. The barn is on the way up to Frenchman’s Lake.


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Monday’s Rambles…just because I’m a bit scattered today

Big sigh. What a day here at work…6:30 am hit the ground running and it hasn’t stopped! I just keep focusing on the margarita I will be making myself when I get home. 🙂


Over the weekend we stopped off at Lavender Ridge…and proceeded to get a $30 parking ticket “failure to obey traffic sign” ~ parking in the bike lane. WHAT?! I parked on the shoulder of the road! There is no Bike Path sign until you reach the bend in the road near the bridge! There is NO sign at the corner of 4th and Mayberry where I parked. Then on top of it…Lavender Ridge is EXPENSIVE! Patooey. I usually like to buy from local stores…but got so mad that I went to Lowes and bought myself a nice Hidcote lavender plant. It’s in a pot for now…I’ll plant it later next month at my new house when we move. I did love seeing all the bees on the lavender plants there…that was one good thing.

Hidcote Lavender ~ From Gorge Top Garden’s website:

A must have plant for anyone who is trying to create the cottage garden look. Lavender Hidcote is a compact plant growing to a height of only 14 inches, perfect for edging or creating a low growing hedge. Its beautiful blue-green foliage is evergreen and remains attractive throughout the year. The sweet perfumed fragrance of Lavender is strong in both the foliage and the gorgeous deep blue flowers. Flowers first begin to appear in mid July and continue to appear into the later parts of September.


One of my faculty gave me a few tomato plants…this one is loading the maters on! It’s a cherry tomato plant of some sort. The biggest one is about 1″ round with the smallest being 1/8″ round. Also in pots…waiting for the move.


Started back on the ps i quilt along (the one I shelved after realizing it had to be done in three weeks time…”easy peasy” for folks who don’t work outside the home, not so for folks who only have an hour at night every other day or so). I have the top left four sewn together…with the rest in pairs. Will try to work on it more tonight.


Some more wildflowers from Verdi, NV area ~ along the Truckee river.

Chimney Ruins and foundation of Verdi Glen Resort & Verdi Timber Company.


How I found Leo the other day…he’s such a bed hog.

Photographs from the Mark Vollmer Fieldtrip to Washoe Valley

Well ~ Saturday we all met up at TMCC’s Meadowood building and carpooled down to the south end of Washoe Valley. Our first stop (besides Wendy’s so Colleen could buy a hamburger) was the wildlife viewing area with the boardwalk.

Very windy (what’s new for Washoe Valley, eh?!) down there. Not much to see but blackbirds ~ both red-winged and yellow-headed. You can’t see far into the lake from the viewing platform unless you have a telephoto lens that goes to as least 200mm…mine only goes to 72mm. So I took lots of fence pictures ~ 😀

Washoe Lake Boardwalk Platform
Downed Fence

We saw a flock of pelicans towards the enterance of Washoe Valley State Park so three of us headed back to see if they were still there. Parked at the trailhead of Deadman’s Creek trail and walked over to state park. No pelicans, but there was a redtail hawk sitting in her nest, who flew off once we were close enough for pictures. The bugger. I walked down to the beach while my sister and mom stayed under a couple of bird nest. Colleen got GREAT photos of a Western Tanager…and continued to get great pictures while teasing me with none.

We then went back to the trailhead to wait for the rest of the group ~ took a few pictures in the bottom part of the trail. Figured out the stupid macro on my camera there. 🙄

Deadman Creek TrailheadDesert PeachMormon TeaBark hanging off tree

Lots of Phlox, Indian Paintbrush and Alpine Lupine on the way up to the top and at the top where the gazebo is. Sunset wasn’t that great, but pretty none-the-less.

Alpine LupineDaisiespaint brushphlox

And here’s a picture of Mark Vollmer setting up his shot of the sunset ~

Mark Vollmer

DESERT IN BLOOM SLIDESHOW ~ I put most of my pictures (I took over 200 so I’ve narrowed it down some) onto my webshot’s album ~ I’m nv_michelle there.

All photos taken with a Canon Powershot S2 IS.